GES LTD Air Services will help you be compliant with air management legislation and optimise the workplace for staff and customers.

A quality workplace environment is key to your success.

GES LTD offer expert guidance in all aspects of Ventilation Hygiene.

We have a comprehensive range of services including site surveys and air hygiene risk assessments, indoor air quality testing and monitoring aswell as cleaning & decontamination of ductwork ventilation systems.

The Workplace Regulations (health & safety and welfare) & HVAC TR19 "Guide to good practice - cleanliness of ventilation systems" both recommend:

"Mechanical Ventilation Systems should have regular maintenance, inspection, testing and cleaning to determine their cleanliness and include keeping records of conditions and actions taken".

Kitchen Extract Cleaning

GES LTD Air Hygiene Services also cover kitchen extract cleaning.

Our initial assessment includes:

An overview of the site and it's kitchen extract system

Executive summary of findings from the kitchen extract system inspection

Photographic evidence of findings

Schematic drawings

Supporting relevant technical information

All canopy & extract cleans plus any remedial work will be completed as identified in the assessment.